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CRM Definition

More and more organizations are searching the Internet for the acronym #CRM, the results are numerous, since there are many possible answers to the query about the CRM definition.

Abbreviations CRM they are the acronym of Customer Relationship Management, in Spanish Management of Customer Relations. We can stay with the idea that it is a client manager, but if we do not go deeper into this definition, not only will we not discover what a CRM really is, we will not know what its use can contribute to our organization.

To respond to what is a CRM, I usually ignore technical considerations to apply useful considerations, presenting the areas or tasks where the impact of the existence of a CRM is greater.

I propose to do an analysis exercise first

In how many points of the daily activity of our organization we interact with people outside of our organization, and what are the results of that interaction. You may find numerous points of contact, the vast majority of them outside the commercial environment, and I understand that you ask me; and well what is the use of my non-commercial interactions ?, and therefore, what do they have to do with a CRM?

crm definitionComo respuesta I invite you to focus on one of the biggest concerns of your commercial team, la generation of leads; rather the generation of quality leads. Possibly this department would find it very positive to reach organizations with which you are already interacting, for example through the purchasing department. Get to increase your sales by 5% through your suppliers as a goal for next year. You will discover what value your suppliers have commercially.

Another answer that I like to use in response to the CRM definition focuses on direct global communication of your organization. How long can an important call be delayed if the contact data is not accessed or is outdated? What work time does your organization lose trying to locate when was the last conversation and how was it closed? What is the effort you use to navigate spreadsheets hosted on your company's hard drives?

More answers based on the utilities, the level of relationship between marketing and sales areas. How many times do you receive the message from sales that the leads that marketing provides only work and low results? And how many times does marketing argue the lack of definition of the target audience for sales? Think about transforming both departments, sharing in a natural way information, data and feedback of the commercial operations and closed deals.

Calculate an 5% increase in your sales as a result of true teamwork between these departments.

¿CRM definition ?, they are also data beyond the contact. Think about controlling with real-time information the status of your business operations. Imagine that you can know the value of the operations in progress, the estimation of the conversion and the historical one discriminated by periods of sales. You can make decisions in real time that reduce non-productive operations and enhance the impact of well-made decisions. What if you manage to increase your sales by 5%?

But even more, after the sale, what happens?

crm definitionThe period of customer. An insufficiently addressed service, but an integral part of what a CRM really is. They are customers interacting with your company, expressing both joys and frustrations. Privileged information that marketing could exploit and what happens, unfortunately unnoticed.

The service to the client, lent from his CRM becomes breeding ground of recommendations and recurrent sales. What deal are you offering to your current buyers? Could it be improved? What if you managed to increase your sales by 5% as a result of offering a better service to your customers?

There are many areas in which a CRM impacts, well managed are able to optimize their data. Each impact may be an 5%, or an 2%, or perhaps an 10%. The truth is that a company that implements a CRM is radically transformed. The change is perceived by employees, customers, suppliers and competitors.

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